Bachelor Recipes

Bachelor Recipes – For all those youngsters who crave to eat quick home cooked meals packed with nutrition and taste, here is a list of easy, comforting recipes

Roti Pizza Recipe

Roti Pizza recipe with step by step photos and video recipe – a unique and simple way of preparing the traditional pizza recipe with leftover chapati or roti’s as a pizza base. The recipe is easy and simple and can be prepared within minutes with the choice of toppings. Roti Pizza Recipe, gets ready in just 10 …

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Tomato Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Tomato Cheese Sandwich recipe with step by step photos and video recipe – is a delicious and easy-to-cook sandwich recipe, prepared with white bread, tomato, cheese slice, black pepper, and mixed herbs which you can make for brunch or as snack. This is an easy recipe that your kids would love to have anytime. This …

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Kala Chana Chaat Recipe

Kala Chana Chaat recipe with step by step photos and video recipe – is a healthy chaat made with protein-rich kala chana, tossed in few veggies, simple spices and a splash of lemon juice.  Kala Chana Chaat is a healthy and delicious snack. Channa Chaat will also make a very enjoyable lunch box meal. You can call …

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Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Cheese Sandwich recipe with step by step photos and video recipe – is a basic sandwich generally made with one or more varieties of cheese on any sort of bread, that may include spreads such as butter or mayonnaise. A typical grilled cheese sandwich is made by grilling the sandwich with butter and toasting it. A grilled cheese is often heated by …

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Pav Sandwich Recipe

Pav Sandwich recipe with step by step photos and video recipe – is one more popular snack from Mumbai street food recipes collection. A simple sandwich with veggie stuffing along with sliced veggies. This sandwich with pav is something you can make for a quick breakfast or snack. It is not just limited to morning breakfast …

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Sev Puri Recipe

Sev Puri recipe with a detailed photo and video recipe – is a sweet, spicy, and tangy street snack from Mumbai. It is a quick and easy home made chaat recipe that you can prepare in no time with some pre-preparations. This traditional snack is a perfect balance of spicy, sweet flavours served on a crispy …

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