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tasty chaat snacks recipes – a collection of 6 tasty chaat recipes from the blog. the word ‘chaat’ comes from the hindi word ‘chaat’ which means to taste or ‘chaatna’ which means to lick. this one word ‘chaat’ aptly describes these savory, sweet and tangy snacks as they are longer licking good and no one can eat just one.

chaat recipes are an integral part of Indian cuisine and each state & city in India has their own favorite chaat or their own way of making a chaat snack. e.g. pani puri made in Mumbai is different than the golgappa served in Delhi and the puchka served in Kolkata. usually, chaat snacks are served in stalls or carts. but they can be easily made at home.
being from Mumbai, chaat has always been my favorite and I know also how the chaat recipes are made. thus my family gets to enjoy a variety of chaat recipes that I make at times. I have covered most of the chaat recipes from Mumbai & Delhi and will try to cover other cities too. as and when I prepare a chaat recipe, I will update this post too.

Collection of  6 tasty Chaat recipes :

1. Spicy aloo masala chaat recipe –Spicy Aloo Masala Chaat Recipe, Learn how to make Aloo CChaat. quick and easy chaat made with boiled potatoes mingled in chaat masala, green chillies and lime juice.

2.chutney wali aloo chaat recipe –Chutney Wali Aloo Chaat is another popular street food from North India. It is also known as Hariyali Aloo chaat. The fried potatoes and roasted spices and tossed with Coriander chutney. So, sharing a recipe to make this delicious snack.

3.quick boondi aloo chaat recipe –Quick Boondi Aloo chaat or alu chaat is the name of a street food item made in North India, Pakistan and also in parts of Sylhet and West Bengal. It is prepared using potatoes in oil and to add spices and chutney.

4.Spicy aloo masala snack recipe –Spicy Aloo Masala Chaat Recipe, Learn how to make Aloo Masala Chaat. A quick and easy chaat made with boiled potatoes mingled in chaat masala, green chilies and lime juice.

5.masala chole chaat recipe -Matar chole chaat is one of the popular street food of north India, especially in Delhi and Amritsar. Learn how to make a tangy & spicy matar chole chaat. They serve the matar in large brass pots.

6.delhi style aloo chaat recipe – delhi style aloo chaat recipe | street food recipe | aloo chaat recipe | aloo chaat dilli style,  with detailed photo and video recipe popular street food of India prepared with potato wedges and other Indian chaat ingredients.

aloo chaat dilli style

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