Tea time snacks

Cornflakes chivda recipe

Cornflakes chivda is prepared from dried yellow colored flakes which are typically deep fried and then used to prepare the chivda. But here I have chosen the healthy version and used the Kellogg’s corn akes cereals. Because I have used cereal, there is no need to deep fry them. Use the cereal directly in the recipe. …

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Poha chivda recipe

Poha chivda is a healthy snack. Because nothing is deep fried here like this poha chivda. It has the crisp texture from the roasted poha along with the nuttiness from the peanuts and cashews. Preparing thin poha mixture or chivda during Diwali is one easy task as the recipe is simple and a quick one. …

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Besan Bread Toast Recipe

Besan Bread Toast Recipe:Learn how to make besan bread toast,a healthy breakfast recipe.Click here for step by step instructions with photos.

Cheese Garlic Bread Recipe

Cheese Garlic Bread recipe with the flavor of freshly grated garlic with melted cheese and butter. Learn how to make cheese garlic bread toast recipe for kids or lunchbox at home with step by step directions. Below You will learn how to make garlic cheesy toast on tawa. The recipe can also be extended as …

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Potato Lollipop Recipe

Potato lollipop | aloo lollipop recipe is a very quick and yummy snack for kids. It is also an ideal party snack which can be made in a jiffy. It is a quick and easy snack you can prepare within minutes. This is a delectable snack that can be served on the Iftar or at any time …

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