Top 6 Vrat Recipes Collection | 2018 Navatari Special | Falahari Recipes

Navratri is a very auspicious time of the year and is celebrated over the period of 8-9 days. During this period, devotees observe fast from the first day to the ninth day.

During Navratri, we are always looking for recipes that follow the norms of fasting as well as are tasty and nutritious. Here is a compilation of recipes that are made in our family during the nine days of fasting. If there is something that you don’t eat during fasts please tweak the recipe to your guidelines.

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Top 6 Vrat Recipes Collection | Navatari Special

1.  Falahari Aloo Tikki | Potato Cutlet For Vrat(Fasting) :

Falahari Aloo Tikki is a simple snack recipe to enjoy during vrats or fasts. Vrat Aloo Tikki with crisp outside soft inside is a real treat to taste buds at any time

2. Falahari Green Chutney | Vrat(Fasting) Wali Chutney :

Falahari green Chutney is a simple and instant Vrat chutney recipe for all who opt fastings in Navaratri, festivals and normal days. It is good in taste and is easy to digest.

3. Vrat(Upwas) Sama Aloo Ki Tikki | Sama ke Chawal ki Tikki :

Sama aloo tikki with crisp outside soft inside is a real treat to taste buds at any time.

4. Vrat Aloo Chaat | Navatari Special Chaat | Vrat Evening Snack :

Falahari Aloo Chaat lightens up your mood during the vrats and rejuvenates you to continue the same with added zeal

5. Falahari Fruit Chaat recipe | Vrat Recipe | Chaat for fasting & Vrat :

Falahari Fruit Chaat is made by combining chilled juicy fruits and fried potato with mild spices and is the perfect summertime recipe.

6. Sabudana Recipe | Vrat Sago Barfi | Sweetened Tapioca Pearl Barfi :

Quick and healthy gluten-free Sabudana barfi prepared with Tapioca pearls and desiccated coconut. A very simple recipe that can be prepared in no time for any festival. Nutty and so delicious!

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